Only Edward Carter

Do you know how you got your name?  Perhaps your parents named you after a famous actor or singer?  Or a favourite aunt or uncle?  Traditionally the first son was named after his father.  But how did Brandon-born Only Edward Carter get his original first name?

‘Only’ was born in 1890, and according to family legend his name originates from his christening.  His was not the only christening in church that day and all parents were asked to submit first and middle names of their children.  For Only’s parents stated, “It’s only Edward”, in reference to their son not having a middle name.  Thus the child was christened as Only Edward.  In the eyes of the church the name was binding, so it subsequently features on his Army Service record.  Only Edward served with distinction in the war, joining up at its declaration, being awarded the Military Medal, and surviving until his death in 1961.