Only Edward Carter

Do you know how you got your name?  Perhaps your parents named you after a famous actor or singer?  Or a favourite aunt or uncle?  Traditionally the first son was named after his father.  But how did Brandon-born Only Edward Carter get his original first name? ‘Only’ was born in 1890, and according to family Read more about Only Edward Carter[…]

Sam Baker

Sam Baker was constantly getting in trouble with the military authorities.  Even when he was promoted to Corporal he misbehaved and elected to take demotion rather than go to a court martial … “Certified that I wish to revert from the rank of Corporal to Driver at my own request, and not to avoid trial Read more about Sam Baker[…]


William Mutum had been wounded so badly during the conflict that he had spent almost a year convalescing. Like so many other men, once his wounds had healed and he was declared fit then he was sent across the English Channel to get back into the action. In William’s case he contracted influenza, which was Read more about WILLIAM MUTUM[…]


When war was declared Harry received his call up papers and went off to Woolwich to report for duty. As a driver for the artillery he would have been responsible for moving the guns and munitions. On the 15th September 1914 he landed in France. He saw action throughout the first two years of fighting Read more about HARRY ASHLEY[…]