September 3, 2015

Chronicles …


It was in the summer of 2013 that I was asked to write a regular article, using my Brandon at War research, for ‘Brandon Town Magazine‘.  This magazine was a new venture for Terry Hawkins, who runs the website.  The magazine is delivered free to homes in Brandon, and gives Brandon at War an extra route to deliver the town’s history to people.

I decided it would be apt to write a narrative of what was happening in Brandon one hundred years ago.  Entitled, ‘Chronicles of Brandon at War’, it has so far covered life in Brandon before the war, the lead up to the war and is currently highlighting events during the war.  These stories are based upon facts as reported in local newspapers of the time, backed up with research of census records, army service records, etc.  As such, it is fair to say the stories are 90% fact, typically all names, events and dates are factually correct, with a touch of narrative and drama added.

‘Chronicles of Brandon at War’ features normal folk, soldiers at the Front, stories long since forgotten and Brandon people caught up in events of national importance.

I shall add these Chronicles to this web page every month.  Each link below will take you to one of the stories …