April 25, 2012


We invariably know so much about those men who were killed in the fighting.  Their names are listed on memorials, in war cemeteries and much research has been done about them.  But what of those men who survived?  We seem to know a lot less about them.


I am still working through research to identify Brandon men who returned home from the war, so the list is far from complete.  I do have research on dozens of men and, working through the research alphabetically, I am slowly building up a more complete picture of them.  Below are the men I have covered so far.  I have attached a link to the pages of men I have researched.  There are names, without links, that I have yet research, but do have some information.  If you find someone on these pages that you can add more info to, or you want to know what info I have on them, then please contact me by clicking here.  I will happily add your own research, and of course acknowledge you on the page.  This list will be updated as I find out more, so please keep checking back.